Altruu Innovation Center @ VPMM

Altruu Innovation Center

Altruu Innovation Centres (AICs) are innovation hubs of the Altruu Social Network that serve as a platform facilitates creative ecosystem to foster innovation and entrepreneurship around the world, enabling growth of next generation technological and social advancements. Altruu Innovation Centres collaborates with governments, organisations, educational institutions, and industry partners, with a common goal to accelerate the creation of new start-ups, employments and growth of the innovative ecosystem.

Area of Focus:

Altruu Innovation Centres are offering a comprehensive set of programs and services to foster innovation and grow sustainable technology. Each Altruu  centre has unique programs and structure of operation, designed to accelerate technology advances and stimulate creative ecosystem through skills and professional training, industry partnerships and innovate practices.


Altruu Skills Accelerator:

The Altruu Skills Accelerator focuses on intellectual capital and people enablement with technical and management fields.

Altruu Research Accelerator:

The Altruu Research Accelerator focuses on enhancing innovation through hands on engagements, includes idea scale up, product development, start-ups and industrial mentorship.

Altruu Force Accelerator:

The Altruu Force Accelerator focuses on enriching new generation of technology specialists to enter the workforce with the most in-demand Altruu skills and to provide fair opportunity of employment.

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Main Benefits for students:

 Altruu Certificate of Excellence
 Privilege to become an Altruu Fellow
 Employment opportunity in an global social network
 Professional Trainings
 Intellectual Skills Development
 Technical Skills Development
 On-hand Industrial Projects
 Core Guidance
 Altruu Technical Trainee Program
 Entrepreneurship Supports
 Research & Development
 Mentorships
 4 annum Corporate Experience
 Product Scale-up
 Start-up Incubation
 Technical Development
 Altruu professional certification will boost students’ career prospects and provide a competitive advantage in the Technical Market.


1. To strive and create an innovative mind-set among the youth.
2. To provide a platform to involve in Research & Development.
3. To offer mentorship for innovations and entrepreneurship.
4. To provide training on Altruu technology platform.
5. To carry out industrial and research projects.
6. To develop prototype and technology ideas among youth.
7. To enhance student’s employability skills by bridging the gap between industry and academia.
8. To generate employment by enhancing technical workforce with most in-demand skills
9. To enable training and to obtain the Certificate of Excellence in social networking.

Expert Domains (Altruu Force Accelerator):

 Cyber Computing
 Product Modelling
 Data Interpret & Mining
 Database Management
 Networking
 Hardware Handling
 Artificial Intelligence
 Product Testing
 Corporate Management
 Core Training (Technical)


Employee Recruitment:

On-campus Employment Intake

Altruu Social Network
 Enterprise: Social Networking
 Salary Package: 1.80 Lakhs INR – 4.20 Lakhs INR per annum
 Offers: 10 – 35

Professional Training & Industrial Project:

Annum One:

 Entry Level Assessment
 Personality Enhancement
 Core Domain Allocation
 Project: Functional Website

Annum Two:

 Language Enrichment
 Reasoning
 Domain Specific Training
 Project: Commercial Mobile Application

Annum Three:

 Core Training (Operational)
 Logical Analysis
 Project: Enterprise Software Development

Annum Four:

 Field Practice
 Core Training (Technical)
 Project: Product Development

Position Designation offered: (Altruu Force Accelerator)

1. Enterprise Engineers
2. Visual Designers
3. Front End Developers
4. Media Publishers
5. Web & Application Developers
6. Content Strategists
7. Platform Managers
8. Content Leads
9. Marketing Evangelists
10. Social Media Managers
11. Media Evangelists
12. Content Engineers
13. UI & UX Designers
14. Brand Manager & Analyst
15. Deployment Managers
16. Core Designers
17. Growth Operators
18. Creative Producers
19. Operations Manager