From the Director’s Desk

The mandate of educational institutions is to unfold the personality of every student and to build a strong character with a sense of responsibility for democracy and community. This implies developing skills of reflection, interpretation of different information and other complex meta-competences.

Educational institutions are the only compulsory place for most young people to develop abilities and qualifications. Therefore, educational systems are getting more and more demanded to facilitate the development of such competences and skills. With the complexity of everyday life increasing, globalisation, fast changing technological advances, product cycles getting shorter and economic competition tightening, innovative capacities have become crucial for individuals to survive in an ever-changing society.

Technology makes some types of jobs obsolete and creates other types of jobs — that’s been true since the stone age. Being successful in today’s highly technological and globally competitive world requires a person to develop and use a different set of skills than were needed before.

In these exponential times, that future will arrive a lot faster than anyone can predict. Time will become the new currency. The sharing economy will create a different app for every single thing.

Be curious, open minded. Taste it. Feel it. Get to understand how it works. How society will work. Understand the new values. Understand the importance of time. Embrace it.

Personal Mission :

Last few years, unknown to myself, I started to develop a sense of mission. It was about making a difference to people around me, making them better, making them productive and making them more successful. And, over time, I became more and more conscious of it, and started to realize that when I do things with the mission of impacting people around me positively, I get a tremendous sense of focus and energy started doing even better, getting more effective and productive.

Slowly I started building that as a personal mission – the mission of developing people. I reach out to better because of their interactions with me. I wanted to help them realize their dreams, understand themselves better and become their best selves. This did not mean I did not focus on work and results at work, but this was why I was chasing results at work. It meant small changes. It meant that when I set a high ambition, part of my mission was to produce results, but part of it was also to coach and develop people in that process. I always took the time out to interact with the people at work place on a very meaningful basis, not just for me to know what they were doing but also to try and make a small difference in their effectiveness and life.


Dr.N.Asokan, Ph.D